Think green


One big question we have in our quest to minimize our carbon footprint: What can we do as cannabis consumers to minimize our environmental impact?

We package all of our products in recyclable containers. When you’re done with your eigth or pre-roll simply peel the sticker off of the jar and put it in the recycle bin. It’s simple things like this that make a huge difference.


Arguably the most wasteful - and saddest - things one can do is throw away cannabis that’s gotten old. To get the longest shelf-life out of products try to keep flower in a controlled environment - not too hot, not too cold and away from sunlight (sunlight will cure your buds really quickly). If you are a regular consumer special stash jars can help you keep your buds fresh. A lot of energy and resources goes into producing every gram of flower you buy and the most respectful thing we as consumers can do is to make sure we do not throw it away.

Trying to live a green lifestyle, the concept of re-using is always on our minds. For example, after we finish a Pearl Pharma pre-roll we don’t recycle the joint tube right away. Instead, keep it and use it to stash own hand-rolled joints. This way we get dozens of uses out of it before we eventually recycle the plastic tube. Anytime we can re-use something we’re making one of the biggest differences we can.

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