Pearl Pharma pushes the boundaries of what is expected from the traditional smoke experience. Their flowers exude rich, decadent flavor profiles from their densely resinous buds, and hail from tireless research and attention to their cannabis crops. Their menu offers buds suitable both for social occasions or simply winding down alone.

Toke on the GEM of marijuana, Pearl Pharma is always appropriate.


In the business of marijuana, resilience is key, and none know this better than the founders of Pearl Pharma. Their cultivation experience dates back to 1998, when the founders fell in love with growing marijuana. They spent the subsequent years learning all there is to know about cannabis. This led to a nose dive into research and development, seeking seeds with particular genetics and uncovering the optimal growing conditions for different stains. The struggles of experimentation is trial and error. Pearl Pharma’s founders endured pain staking losses from experiments, entire crops coming out seeded or simply not being smokable. Those small battles eventually refined an exquisite menu of cannabis with unheard of flavor, aroma, and potency. Clams take a long time to form pearls as did Pearl Pharma to form their menu of marijuana.


Pearl Pharma operates a state-of-the-art indoor cannabis garden where their flowers receive the best care and quality control. Part of their genetics come from a secret stash gifted to their founder many years ago. Pearl Pharma performed pheno-selections as well, scouting out the best strains of marijuana. They grow strains from reputable seed banks like Karma Genetics, Sin City Seeds, DNA Genetics, and Crockett Family Farm. Pearl Pharma remains at the point of discovery, constantly searching for the most potent and unique terpene profiles.